About me

I was born in the southern city of Jakarta, from a Betawi father and Dayak-Bogor mother, makes my face ungeneralizable.

“Are you Javanese? or…?”

but I grew up in Bekasi, a city on the outskirts of Jakarta.

Having a very conservative Father makes my life monotonous. My desire was very strong to be able to feel the softness of the snow, to see the beautiful colors of autumn and feel the cold winter wind, my determination was unanimous.

God answered my prayers. October 1st 2009, I finally set foot in Tokyo’s Narita Airport, and since then I’ve lived in Tokyo.
I Graduated from college, got a job, got married and had two children.

Here I am now, enjoying the cold winter breeze, great full for the beauty of autumn and the warmth of spring.

” A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

– Lao Tzu-

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